Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Terrible Pair

A Poem By: E.FG

“It’s celebrity TVs fault! I wish I could rip out the wires so no one gets those channels.
I’d kick everyones door down if I had to, and go directly to their electric panels!

No more ET, ET Canada or ET wherever.
And no more reality family ones either... none whatsoever!

That shit just makes people dissatisfied with what’s in their own lives.
Wishing they had smarter kids, better tables, more money, hotter wives.”

Then I’d roll over on my right side, looking at the time and see that it’s four.
“Don’t you sleep brain?!” I’d ask, right before I’d get paranoid about the door.

“Did I lock it? Once I fall asleep I’ll sleep like a bear.
I won’t hear any robbers... Fuck it! I need some air!”

I’d sit up straight in my bed, slam my hands down and let out a big whine.
“Holy Shit man! I guess I’m not sleeping tonight eh? Whatever. That’s Fine!”

Angry and sarcastic, I’d flop on my back and kick off my socks.
“Ugh! But what if I really forgot to lock all the damn locks?”

I’d flip back on my stomach, and somehow start thinking about a bill.
Then money, then family, then war, then... “Come on brain chill!”

I’d rearrange the blankets so only one of my legs was covered.
“Somehow that’s supposed to help me sleep, one leg exposed but not the other?”

“You’re such a weirdo E and now my leg’s cold. Bah! You do things all wrong!
But...I guess I’m stuck here living in a world where *Sigh*... I really don’t belong.”

Wiping tears from my eyes I’d check the time on my cell.
Then start googling I Can’t Sleep . “Man this is hell.”

Then I’d search for vintage movie posters, horoscopes and funny cats.
I’d google lyrics to songs I didn’t understand, and embroidered yoga mats.

My body would then cringe has I stuffed my cell under my mattress. 
Thinking that would force me to sleep,  by limiting cellphone access. 

“I’m disgusted with myself. Tomorrow I’ll start working out.”
I feel like such a gross pig, I’m just missing the snout!”

Laughter would then fill my head as I’d burry my face in my pillow.
More negative thoughts would form as their intensity billowed.

“I can’t do this anymore God, it’s almost been six weeks!
One more night without rest and I swear I’m gonna freak!”

“Maybe Facebook will help distract. Oh look, so cute...Angela went on a trip!
Why the fuck is the female population now taking photos with one had on their hip?

Sideways standing Angela with nine other friends.
How did the way chicks pose in photos become a sideways-hand-on-hip trend?

“Bah! No more Facebook.” Then “delete account” I would click.
“Why don’t I care about purses, posing and possys’ like a regular chick?”

Why do I get to be crazy vs. girly, quiet or smart.
Why do I wear “fuck the system” type t-shirts vs. ones with a heart?”

I’d stare into the dark until I remembered I’m afraid of it.
I’d pull my covers over my head till I remembered I need to breathe a bit.
I’d cover my ears thinking that would block out my thinking fit.
I’d bounce out of bed when I realized I’d had enough of it!

An insomniac and a loud mind are a terrible pair.
My brain’s at a rock show, it’s like a mosh pit in there! 

Hopeless, I’d turn on the light and pace around my room.
“Maybe cleaning will help.” Then I’d pick up the broom.

“Sweeping did fuck all. Maybe I should have read.”
I grab the boring-est book on my shelf and hop back into bed.

“I think this is working!” I said, reading with glee.
My eyes began to close until... “Great! Now I have to pee!”

For those that lose sleep, because your world’s on your mind
due to your triple booked schedule or that contract you signed

Whether it’s the government, taxes, a girl or a guy
or that bitch of a boss who always makes you cry.

Know you deserve sleep and your mind needs a break.
So tuck yourself in, cause your sanity’s at stake.

May the drool run down your chin as you dream awesome things
And may you feel rested and refreshed when your alarm clock rings.

Try a warm cup of milk and keep fighting the good fight.
And if the world sits on your shoulders... sleep well in spite.

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