Friday, 20 February 2015


I’ve got a few loose screws in need of tightening as well as a couple misplaced marbles. Marbles that I intend on finding. Nonsense will do that to a person and it happens to all of us in life. And when we put that nonsense under the microscope we realize, it’s all just bullshit. 

We can call it whatever we like Tough Shit, Stupid Shit, Same Old Shit...but in the end, it is what it is. 
E.FG's Shit Map

When you travel through Shit, you always hit a fork in the road. A key one. One that pretty much determines your way home. You can either go down Fighting or you can go Run And Hide

Either way you still arrive at Shit

I went both ways. 
I went down one, then backtracked to the other. Took me forever and a day but here I am. I’ve backpacked through Shit. Suck it Europe! I actually wanted to type “I’ve backpacked through Shit. Europe ain’t got shit on me!" but I didn’t want to overuse the word Shit, with Shit being the title and all.

In a warped way...

it’s comforting that we can all relate when it comes to the nonsense in our lives. That’s usually when the whole wide world comes together, when we are going through Shit. But somehow there’s a great divide. As common as hardships are, we lose sight of each other. One person’s problem can be exactly the same as the next, and yet there is little to no compassion.

I was involved in a conversation with someone who was pissed off that a person they worked with had taken a month off to grieve the loss of a parent. When I asked why this bothered them so, I was told that a month was unnecessary and that when they lost THEIR parent, they had only taken two weeks.

Same Shit.
Different pile. 
And still no compassion. 

Maybe it’s the path we choose that separates us. I feel I can relate to all travelers because I have been down both roads. I’ve fallen and stayed down and I’ve fallen and got right-the-fuck back up. I see both sides. 

And for those who can't sympathize with other people, please know, one road is NOT easier then the other. Warrior or wuss, Shit's no walk in the park. Yet some people are acting like Misfortune is a dick waving contest! 

  • Who’s got it worse?
  • Who’s cuts the deepest? 
  • Who needs a bigger hug then that guy?

And I’m all like... what the fuck??

I've heard people pour their hearts out about ___________!
And the peeps "consoling" them are responding with:



Absolutely nothing is said, because they are too busy comparing your winey baby problems to their big giant mucho important problems. 

Pain is pain.
Whether it’s a dash of it or a whole butt load.
It’s familiar to all of us. It's one of the few things we all have in common. You are not listening to someone if what they’ve said (THE THING THAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE LISTENING TO) has triggered your story and the need to tell it. Just saying.

There’s “giving advice”
and then there’s “changing the subject”.

Truly listen.
That’s usually how we arrive at Compassion
(I’m not drawing a map this time.)

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